Nothing ruins a good Italian dish more than a piece of moldy cheese tossed on top. So is the case when you discover a section of mold growing in your beautiful home! Moldy cheese however, is as easy to toss off, as it is to toss on. Not the case with mold in your home friend, not at all. For this job you need a certified mold professional, such as those available now at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Do I Need a Certified Mold Professional?
Just as any good Italian chef is trained on how to make his dishes just right, so is a certified mold professional trained to remove your mold. It might seem an easy fix to grab a gallon of bleach or the hottest DIY mold removal goodies at the home improvement store, but these products are limited in their capabilities, and are quite often toxic themselves.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the skills necessary to locate first what is fueling your mold. A comprehensive mold inspection will take place, as will a thorough mold sampling to discover just what type of mold needs to be eradicated. Once the source is located and the type identified, a professional will put together a remediation plan designed for your unique mold situation.

A certified mold professional is also trained to properly handle your mold, removing it as safely as possible, and without contaminating other areas of your beautiful home.

Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today
If you have discovered mold growth in your home or place of business, it is important that you have it removed as soon as possible. For more information on mold removal or to reach a certified mold professional, contact Guardian Mold Prevent today by dialing (866) 681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.