Mold testing

Although molds can grow just about anywhere that oxygen and moisture get together on an organic substance, no one wants that “anywhere” to be in their Burr Ridge home or place of business. The very idea of the green hairy beasties living in your basement in your nice expensive Burr Ridge home, or hanging out in your attic tends to run a twinge of creepiness up your spine. However, here in Illinois and Indiana, our weather conditions often provide just the right amount of moisture to invite mold to move on in. That’s when you contact us at Guardian Mold Prevent to get the nasty green hairballs to move right out!!
Here’s a video showing some footage from a home in Burr Ridge that had mold problems.

The first step in mold removal is locating exactly what is fueling it. This can be done through a certified mold inspection by one of our mold professionals. An inspection begins with personally interviewing property occupants to build a solid mold history. Once the history is constructed, our mold professional will inspect common sources such as sump pump closets and around plumbing fixtures. The inspection will wrap up with a thorough inspection of all possible water intrusion points and/or ventilation points.

Once the mold source is identified, full service mold testing will take place to identify exactly what type of mold is present. Bulk mold samples, air samples, and surface lift testing will take place and all collections will be sent out to an independent laboratory for analysis. Typical turnaround time for results is approximately 3 to 7 days.

Our certified mold professional will provide you with a detailed written report of what we did or did not find in your Burr Ridge attic or basement… once the inspection has concluded and the testing results have arrived. The report will explain your mold remediation options as well as recommendations for long-term mold prevention. Armed with this information and our remediation plan, together we can expel the green hairy beasties for good! Guaranteed! Call us for a free estimate in Burr Ridge today!