The weatherman is calling for snow and your kiddos are calling for the sleds here in Homewood! Yes, those sleds you tucked away deep the garage, the area known in your brain as Area 51. A few minutes of digging and scooting stuff around and the sleds are free. However, their removal has revealed a wooly colony of possible alien life form in your Area 51. Here in your garage, we call this life form mold!

So, what to do in your personal Area 51 to rid it of the unwanted life form called mold? Simply call in the mold professionals from Guardian Mold Prevent! Our certified mold professionals are equipped to provide you with expert mold inspection services, certified mold testing, and mold remediation services. We strive to solve your mold problems, completely and guaranteed!

Here at Guardian Mold we serve Homewood, and, we start by performing a certified mold inspection of your property. We first interview property occupants to begin building a solid mold history. We then inspect suspect areas such as your garage, basement, and sump pump closet, as well as all possible water intrusion points and/or ventilation issues.

Our mold professionals then begin full service mold testing, collecting samples via bulk, air, and surface lift. Samples are then sent to an independent lab for analysis and results return within 3 to 7 days.

Once the comprehensive inspection is complete and the mold testing results are in, our professional will provide you with a detailed, written report of all findings. The report will also include all available remediation plans and long term prevention recommendations.

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Proudly serving homes and businesses near Homewood, Glenwood and Flossmoor, and other surrounding suburbs, Guardian Mold Prevent is ready to clear out your Area 51 of moldy invaders and bring your garage back to optimum health. Give us a call today and let your next sled excursion be mold free!