When excessive moisture accumulates in buildings or even on building materials, mold often likes to make itself right at home. Why not right? The conditions are completely perfect! A little organic substance and a little moisture, toss in a little oxygen, and you have yourself a mold colony’s happy place. This is why any long term moisture leaks in your home can be a problem friend, because they create a mold habitat. Of the moisture problems folks tend to have in their homes, leaks are the most common culprits. Leaky pipes and leaky ceilings top the list of troublemakers, inviting mold to hide behind walls and once damp surfaces.

So where do you look to spot hidden mold you ask? What are signs of hidden mold growth? Let’s take a gander at some popular places mold likes to hang out, such as the following:

Ceiling Mold: A leaky roof can all too often feed a mold colony on the other side of your ceiling. Yuck right! Watch your ceiling for any signs of water damage such as water spots or patches of mold growth visible under the ceiling.
Wall Mold: High humidity, condensation, and those lovely water leaks we mentioned are common causes of mold that hides on the walls of your home or place of business. You want to look for areas of cracked or peeling paint, or any kind of discoloration of the wall. Another trouble sign is wall bulging, or possibly even a moldy scent in a particular room. If you notice any of these signs, take a few moments to thoroughly examine your walls for any beginning mold growth.
Basement Mold: Most leaky pipes find their way to the lowest point of your home, your basement. The basement also tends to provide the perfect temperatures for mold growth as well. Mix these two ideals with the darkness of the basement, and you have mold colony happiness again. You want to routinely examine your basement for any signs of water or dampness. Mold that begins in your basement can move its way up walls and frames, which can cause more serious issues.

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