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Spring Means Home Sales, Home Inspections, and Attic Mold

As we all know, Chicago winters can be rough!  The beginning to spring this year has certainly been challenging as far as temperatures go.  One thing that is always a certainty though, real estate starts to build real momentum once the calendar says spring has arrived (no matter what the thermometer says).  Home sales typically mean….home inspections and home inspections mean, attic mold.  Many times a day we are called by people who are either selling a home or buying a home where an inspector has found mold growth.

Home Sales and Attic Mold

Attic mold has become a major problem for homes in the Chicago area.  Most people spend very little time up in their attics.  Generally, people pop their Christmas tree up there in January and don’t get another glimpse of the space until the next Thanksgiving.  When the buyers inspection comes back and says there is mold, it can be a complete surprise.  There are many things that contribute to the development of a mold problem, which we will get into in another post at another time….but one thing is for sure….it is nearly impossible to sell your home with an environmental issue that has developed on the underside of a roof.

Attic Mold is a Manageable Problem

Do not be overwhelmed if you find out you have an attic mold issue.  We get calls from Naperville to Downers Grove, Glenview to Oak Park, Crown Point to Dyer, and everywhere in between with the very same problem EVERYDAY.  Attic Mold is truly one of the easiest mold problems to remediate.  The process generally can be completed in a single day and is for the most part is non-intrusive.  Take a look at the results we are able to achieve in the video below.  Modern methods can make the space so clean that it is nearly impossible to know an issue ever existed.  The best advice is to stay calm and know that attic mold is a totally manageable problem.