The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Just the right buyer fell in love with your home! The paperwork has begun and a home inspector is taking a nice long gander at your home and property. You anxiously await his report, only to be informed that he has discovered mold hiding in your attic! Despite your greatest efforts, panic is setting in. Take a deep breath friend, for the certified mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent are on your side!

Guardian Mold Prevent is quick to provide you with a comprehensive mold inspection, specifically designed to locate the cause of your individual mold situation. Our professionals will then safely collect mold samples via bulk, air, and surface. These samples are sent to an independent lab for analysis to determine just the type of mold you have to ensure proper mold treatment and mold remediation.

Once the source of your mold has been located and your mold has been identified, our certified mold specialist will construct a comprehensive remediation plan that will address your mold situation in its entirety, guaranteed. Before you know it, your home will once again be mold free, and ready for a new owner!

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