So you have finally made the decision to sell your Evergreen Park IL home, but now find yourself frustrated with a moldy mess you discovered hiding in the bathroom you are trying to repaint. What to do and where to turn? What kind of mold is this anyway? These questions and more rush through your mind, as you know that no one wants to buy a moldy home! Not to fear! Guardian Mold Prevent has you covered! Offering certified mold inspection services, full service mold testing, and guaranteed mold remediation plans, our professionals are here to get your home ready to sell!

Although the mold you found may be in the bathroom, it is important to locate its source in order to kick it out for good and prevent its return. In order to accomplish this task, our mold professionals will conduct a comprehensive mold inspection, covering common sources such as the attic, basement, and your bathroom. Other areas of concern might also be any possible water intrusion point and/or ventilation issues.

Once your mold source is located it is important to identify just what type of mold you are dealing with. To do just that, our certified mold professional will perform bulk, air sample, and surface lift tests. The samples will then be sent to an independent, third party laboratory for analysis. The results typically return within 3 to 7 days, depending upon the type and number of tests performed.

With the knowledge of your comprehensive inspection and the results of your full service mold testing, our certified mold professional will provide you with a detailed written report off all findings. The report will also include your unique mold remediation plan as well as our professional mold prevention recommendations.

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