Mold testing

Here in Orland Park, Illinois  the long damp seasons with high humidity levels often create the perfect amount of indoor moisture needed for a colony of mold to move right in to our basements, attics, and stagnant areas. Once mold arrives, it can actually conceal itself for months or even years before a visual infestation occurs. Not such comforting thoughts for property owners who discover the wooly green beasts have settled in and spread their spores! To ensure that your unwanted guests are clearly identified and removed, the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent are pleased to offer certified mold inspection services and full service mold testing.

Once called to the scene, our mold professionals will conduct personal interviews with property occupants to collect real time information to build a solid history on the mold situation. The interviewing is followed with a comprehensive inspection as performed by a certified mold specialist. Areas of basic concern are inspected first, such as sump pump closets and around plumbing equipment. Our experts also cover all possible water intrusion points and/or ventilation issues that might possibly exist as they search for red flag areas to be thoroughly inspected for visible microbial growth.

Our professionals will then collect mold samples from your Orland Park Basement or Attic via bulk, air sample, and surface lift testing to begin to determine your specific mold houseguest. Mold tests are sent out to an independent laboratory and will return with complete results within 3 to 7 days.

Armed with the completed inspection report and testing results, our certified mold professional will then provide you with a detailed written report, complete with your remediation options and long-term mold prevention recommendations. Put our remediation plan into action, and say a sweet farewell to your hairy houseguests once and for all!