You found a snazzy way to DIY a new bathroom on Pinterest and decided it’s time to take down that 1980’s floral print wallpaper! Yay you! A few sheets in and you notice that the wallboard behind the wallpaper is looking a little sketchy. You pull one more piece off and your worst fears have come forth, it’s mold! This is the point at which your DIY ends my friend! Time to call in a certified mold professional, like those available now at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Do I Have Mold Behind My Wallpaper in Chicago?
Mold can grow on just about any organic substance as long as its partners in crime are hanging around. Those partners are oxygen and moisture. In the bathroom, these two buddies tend to be in high attendance! The steam from your shower or drying wet clothes keeps the humidity high, in a sense, feeding mold. Your wallboard is an organic substance and oxygen and moisture are present. Congrats! You now have mold. Ewe!

How Do I Treat the Mold Behind My Wallpaper?
The correct answer to this question is literally so easy my friend! You don’t! Your health and well being might already be at risk and the wallboard may be damaged beyond your DIY capabilities. Not to panic however! A certified mold professional has been trained to tackle this mold situation to the fullest. Equipped with the ability to locate the source of your mold, identify your mold type, and put into action a comprehensive mold remediation plan just for you, your professional has you and your mold covered!

Contact a Mold Professional Today!
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