Although mold does indeed have a rather nasty reputation, most molds are generally non-toxic. However, the discovery of mold in your home or place of business can definitely freak out even the calmest of property owners, sending them high tailing it to the closest store for a bucket of bleach. Sadly, that bleach is just a temporary fix, thus causing even more freak out sessions for the property owner. So, what do you do if you have discovered nasty mold on your property? Simply stay calm and call in the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Mold Found – Why Call in the Professionals?
A trip to the local hardware store will reveal a host of DIY products claiming to cure your mold problem. The truth is however, that such products are limited in their abilities, and are often highly toxic themselves. They also lack the ability to locate the source of your mold problem, and without the source, there is no permanent solution.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the training to locate the source of your mold, just as a detective is equipped to locate his criminals. Areas are comprehensively inspected, such as attics, plumbing fixtures, and garages. A professional will also safely test your mold for typing, so that your mold is treated properly.

Once the source is located and the mold typing is complete, a certified mold professional will construct an individualized remediation plan and present it to you, along with a detailed written report of all findings.

Mold Found? – Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today
If you have discovered mold on your property, or have concerns of mold growth, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our certified mold specialists will be happy to assist you!