The perfect buyer for your home has finally arrived! Sadly, before you can break out the bubbly and celebrate, the home inspector informs you that he has found a lovely section of mold growth in your attic. Don’t panic my friend! Help is but a phone call away! The certified mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to quickly identify and eliminate your mold situation, returning your “for sale” house to a healthy home awaiting that buyer.

Guardian Mold Prevent is proudly one of the leading Chicago based providers of certified inspection and mold remediation services. Our team of professionals treats pending real estate transactions with priority response and begin by using a detailed inspection process. We first build a solid mold history by gathering information from property occupants and then quickly chase down the source feeding the mold like a detective chasing down his prime suspect. Clues are also gathered along the way via mold samplings to determine just what type of mold we are dealing with.

Once the mold source is revealed and the type identified, our team of experts will comprise a detailed report for you, the homeowner, which is complete with all available remediation options and recommendations. Once the remediation plan is set into action, our experts will safely remove the mold without contaminating any other areas of your home. This will be done in an efficient fashion, as we know that when your home is on the market, time is indeed of the essence.

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If mold has been discovered on your pending property or if you have mold concerns in regard to a property you are considering, contact us today by dialing 866.681.6653. Our experts are happy to take the time to answer your questions, and offer you affordable mold solutions.