There is just nothing nastier than realizing that the musty smell you were met with at the door is provided compliments of mold growing in your home or place of business. We see this quite often in the older homes in Oak Lawn, IL and can help you get rid of that black mold quickly and efficiently.  Disgust, annoyance, and sheer panic flow through your head like a volcano ready to burst as you search for the colony of woolly green nastiness. Thoughts of health risks and hours of scrubbing taunt you in chants. But stand firm friends and put your panic to rest as the certified mold professionals available at Guardian Mold Prevent await the opportunity to save your day and your property!

Why Do I have Mold in My Oak Lawn home?
Did you know that there are approximately 1,000 different types of mold found indoors in the United States? Here in the Illinois and Indiana indoor mold growth is prevalent due to our long damp seasons and high levels of humidity. Such conditions create a perfect habitat for mold to move right in to our homes and business, hiding in our basements, attics, bathrooms, wall spaces, and any other stagnant areas. It just takes an organic substance, a mold spore, moisture, and oxygen to send the rotten mold colony into a full-blown infestation of nastiness.

Why Opt for Professional Mold Treatment?
Although your first response might be to douse the mold in a gallon of bleach or pick up a DIY treatment at the local home improvement store, such products are often limited in their scope and can be generally toxic. They might seem to wipe away your mold, but the results will most likely be temporary as such products don’t identify your type of mold, locate the source of your mold, or combat hidden mold unseen to the naked eye. This results in a re-infestation for your mold and another panic attack for you!

A certified mold professional is educated and experienced in accurately accessing your mold situation and deploying proven mold removal and prevention strategies. A professional will test your mold and locate its fueling source. They will then construct a comprehensive remediation plan unique to your mold situation and remove your mold safely, without contaminating other areas of your property.

Contact a Professional Today – serving Oak Lawn, IL
If the woolly monster of mold has you in a panic or if you have concerns about mold prevention for your home or business, simply contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our certified mold professionals look forward to solving your mold problems completely, guaranteed! If you live in Oak Lawn, please ask about our 10% discount on mold removal services.