It’s no surprise to discover a nasty blot of mold taking refuge in the corner of your bathroom shower or maybe a dab making itself at home on a leftover in the fridge. There are a few special places that mold likes to sneak in that might surprise you. Mold can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as its partners in crime, moisture and oxygen, are present. Take a look at three unsuspected areas that mold colonies like to make their homes.

Your Dishes– Yuck right! It’s sad, but true. If you have a habit of leaving a few dishes hanging around, maybe with a little moisture and a little dirt still on them, then you, friend, can create a mold habitat.

Your Front-Loading Washing Machines– The front-loading washer is a genius creation indeed, however, a closed front door when not in use invites moisture to stay put. The moisture then makes friends with the lint tucked around the gasket, and mold moves right on in!

Your Window Sashes and Seals– Moisture is molds happy place, and the condensation provided on your window sashes and seals is just perfect for its growth. Toss in the typical dirt and dust that can build up along the seal, and you have yourself a moldy delight!

How Do I Prevent Mold?
The trick for preventing mold in all three of these accounts above is to first clear out any moisture you might have left behind. Take the time to completely wash and dry dishes before leaving them to sit. Grab a dry cloth to wipe out your washer gasket and dry the glass before you shut the door, or consider leaving the door open to let the moisture out. Wipe moisture from your sashes and sills. Next is to regularly clean the dust off of areas such as the windows, leaving them snack-free for mold.

For More Information
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