Did you know that once mold moves into your home it could actually conceal itself for months or even years before it can be seen with the naked eye? That means my friend, that if you have made a mold discovery on your property, it might come with its very own colony, safely tucked away from your line of sight. Nasty right! The good news is that the certified mold specialists at Guardian Mold Prevent are equipped with comprehensive training to address your entire mold situation, not just what can been seen with the naked eye. This means your mold and its creepy colony are moving on out!

Why Call a Professional?
The typical reaction at the sight of mold is to grab some gloves, a gallon of your favorite DIY mold removal product, and then lay on the elbow grease to remove it. Sadly, despite your greatest efforts and hard work, such products are all too often limited in their capabilities and can even be toxic themselves. The results of your labor end up being a re-infestation of mold to the same adjacent areas. This is because a DIY product doesn’t help in identifying the actual cause of your mold. This, my friend, is where a certified mold professional comes in.

A professional has the knowledge to know what to look for in regard to the source of your mold. Often the first step is to interview property occupants for details about the mold situation, allowing the professional to build a solid history of the mold and its progression. A certified mold inspection will then take place, with our professional covering all possible water intrusions points and ventilation issues that might exist. Mold samples will also be collected for lab testing to properly identify the species of mold being dealt with.

Once the source is located and the mold is identified, a professional will construct a comprehensive mold remediation plan designed to treat your mold situation in its entirety, as well as provide suggestions for future mold prevention. A certified mold professional is also trained to remove your mold safely and without contaminating other areas of your property.

Contact a Professional Today – serving Chicago
If you have concerns about possible mold growth on your property, or maybe you have even discovered the ugly green wool making itself at home in yours, contact a professional today by dialing 866.681.6653. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent we welcome the opportunity to provide you with affordable mold solutions in a timely fashion, returning your property to its healthiest.