Although no one really knows just how many species the fungi we call mold exist, but estimates are that there are up to three hundred thousand or more. So the questions begin, what kind of mold did you just discover infesting your home? What is feeding your mold colony? For questions like these there are professionals like us here at Guardian Mold Prevent.

The inspection process here at Guardian Mold Prevent begins with an interview of the property occupants to gain a solid history of mold progression and insight of its origins. Our professionals will then conduct a thorough inspection of typical mold feeders such as sump pump closets, basements, attics, and garages, as well as any areas of possible water intrusion points and/or ventilation issues.

Our professionals are also equipped with the experience to conduct an array of mold tests, such as bulk, air sample, and surface lift tests, to determine just the type of mold infesting your property. The data collected is sent off to an independent third party laboratory for analysis to prevent any conflict of interest. A comprehensive report of the findings typically arrives within 3 to 7 days.

Once the lab results are in and a complete inspection has taken place on the property, you will be presented with a detailed written report containing all remediation options available to you. You will also receive our professional long-term mold prevention recommendations.