So your property occupants at one of your rentals have reported a bad odor that has you nightmaring of mold, liability, and dollar signs? Relax friend! No reason to panic. The certified commercial mold specialists at Guardian Mold Prevent are simply a phone call away, offering expert advice, affordable mold solutions, and a discreet remediation process designed specifically for your unique mold situation.

Why Contact a Professional For Commercial Mold Removal?
Just as you are trained in your specific area of business, so are the commercial mold specialists at Guardian Mold Prevent trained in theirs. Equipped with both experience and expertise, our professionals utilize a 12 step, commercially specific, inspection process to locate the source of your mold situation. They then collect mold samples to be sent to a certified, third party lab for identification. The results of the lab tests will help our team to construct a comprehensive remediation plan that will be designed specifically for your unique mold situation.

Our team of professionals is also equipped with the know-how to remove your mold safely, without contaminating other areas of your property, and to do so in a discreet and timely fashion. We know that in most cases, business must go on, and the less attention drawn to the remediation process going on, the better. Our team is happy to arrive in unmarked vehicles to ensure your privacy, to schedule our work in ways that will minimize disruption at your place of business, and to complete our work as quickly as possible.

Contact a Certified Commercial Mol Remediation Professional Today
For more information on commercial mold remediation or to arrange for a free onsite consultation, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent by dialing 866-681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to return your place of business to its healthiest.