Here is a recent job we completed removing basement mold in an Elk Grove Village, IL home. This is the type of thing we see quite often and can help you get rid of this basement mold easily and affordably. Check it out:

No one knows just how many species of fungi there really are out there sharing this big, beautiful planet with us. However, what we do know about fungi for certain is that the discovery of it growing in our home or place of business is simply alarming, especially like what you see in the basement of this Elk Grove Village home! What fungi are we talking about you ask? The green and wooly monstrous fungi we know as mold. Left unaddressed mold can cause health problems and structural damage, but with the assistance of a certified mold professional, indoor mold can be effectively controlled and safely eliminated, all without alarm!

Why Do I Have Mold in my Basement in Elk Grove Village?
Magically appearing in our basements, bathrooms, attics, and even wall spaces, mold tends to be prevalent here in the Northwest Indiana and Illinois areas. Our long damp seasons accompanied by high levels of humidity create the perfect breeding grounds for mold to spread and reproduce by making spores. Mold can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present, whether it is on carpet, wood, food, or even insulation, wherever hidden moisture lies stagnant.

What to Do About My Mold?
In today’s day and age, the fast fix for mold tends to be a run to the local home improvement store for a gallon of bleach or the latest and greatest DYI mold treatment method. Sadly, your mold trouble often grows from here, as the recommended DYI chemicals to treat mold are often toxic themselves and are limited in their ability. Instead, reach for your cell phone and contact a certified mold specialist, such as those available today at Guardian Mold Prevent.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the knowledge to not only determine the type of mold you are dealing with, but also has the experience to locate the source of your mold. Mold can indeed be tricky; revealing itself only after it has infested what cannot be seen. A professional knows what to look for, can conduct mold testing, and create an individualized remediation plan that will address your entire mold situation, safely and without contaminating other areas of your property.

Contact a Professional Today
If you have concerns about mold in your home or place of business in or around Elk Grove Village, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent by dialing 866.681.6653. Offering free estimates and safe, non-toxic professional mold remediation, we look forward to the opportunity to solve your mold problems completely, guaranteed!