Selling your Lisle IL home or business is often an exciting time in ones life. New beginnings and fresh starts are adventures headed your way, but the discovery of mold on your precious property can put the brakes on your sale and bring a damper to your dream. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent, we are here to see that your attic in your Lisle, IL home becomes mold free once again and that your new beginning is just a remediation plan away!

Why is there Mold in my Attic?
The nasty little fungus we call mold can grow on basically any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Here in Indiana and Illinois, our lengthy damp seasons with high levels of humidity create the perfect environment moisture to build up and mold spores to move in, claiming stake in stagnant areas such as our basements, bathrooms, and walls spaces. Mold often conceals its arrival, only revealing itself to the naked eye once it has infested areas of the property.

Why Choose Professional Mold Treatment for you Attic in Lisle?
Although it might seem just as easy to grab a gallon of bleach or hit the mold with the latest DIY treatment, such products are all too often limited in their ability and contain toxins themselves. Such methods also don’t allow for proper mold identification or safe eradication. Hidden mold, left untreated, will often re-infest the same areas or be discovered by home-inspectors only to delay or spoil the sale.
A certified mold professional, such as those here at Guardian Mold Prevent, are equipped with the experience to solve your mold problems, completely. As you may remember, as also had a basement mold removal job in Lisle recently.

A certified mold professional is skilled in the ability to locate the cause of your mold, test your mold for proper treatment, and create an individualized mold remediation plan unique to your mold situation. Such plan will address the entire mold problem, not just what can be seen by the naked eye. The mold will then be safely removed from the property, without contaminating any other areas.

Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today
If you are looking forward to a new beginning with the sale of your home or longing to enjoy your place of business, but have concerns of mold, contact a certified mold professional today. Proudly offering free estimates by phone and emergency remediation for pending real estate transactions, Guardian Mold Prevent welcomes the opportunity to solve your mold problem, guaranteed!