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Sump Pump Failure and Leakage in this Basement

There is nothing more disturbing to a home or business owner than the discovery of an unwelcomed and rather disgusting guest. For those that have reached under the bathroom sink or glanced at a basement-ceiling tile only to have made eye contact with a nasty woolly growth, you know just the gnarly guest we speak of. Yes, it is the fungi we all know and despise, mold! Causing health problems and even making properties hard to sell, mold is the ugly evil. But stand firm friends, the certified mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent are ready to send your mold packing to never return, guaranteed!

Professional Mold Removal – Lisle, IL
Although it might seem like a perfect mold solution to hit the local home improvement store for a gallon of the latest DIY mold removal tactic, the results from such endeavors are often not only temporary, but toxic themselves. To kick your mold to the curb as indefinitely as possible, choose a certified mold professional. Such a professional is equipped with the know-how to identify the cause of your mold, test your mold for proper treatment, and put in place a comprehensive remediation plan that addresses your entire mold situation, not just the mold seen by the naked eye. They also know just how to safely remove your mold without contaminating any other areas of your property.

How Mold Happens in Basements – Watch the Video!!!
Mold is a fungus with tens of thousands of species and can be found on practically any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Here in Indiana and Illinois, our long damp seasons with high humidity create the perfect breeding ground for mold colonies in stagnant areas such as our bathrooms, basements, and wall spaces. Mold can move into our homes on wood, paper, carpets, food, and even insulation. However, indoor mold can be effectively controlled with proven mold removal and prevention strategies as put into place by our certified mold professionals.

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If you are concerned about the arrival of a moldy unwanted guest in your home or place of business, contact a certified mold professional today! Here at Guardian Mold Prevent we look forward to the opportunity to evict your mold completely and guaranteed!