There is just something creepy and disgusting about mold, especially in you attic. Below is a quick demo of attic mold removal in a home in Lemont, IL. Whether it is its unpleasantly musty odor, its potential health risk, or its innate ability to cause discoloration and structural damage, the discovery of mold on ones property can often leave home and business owners with a sense of panic. Not knowing where to turn or exactly what to do, many opt for DIY methods and find themselves even more flustered when the mold returns with a vengeance. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent we invite you to take a deep breath and let our certified mold professionals tackle your mold situation completely, and guaranteed!

Lemont IL attic mold removal job

Why Do I Have Mold?
Here in the Indiana and Illinois areas we are blessed with long damp seasons accompanied by high levels of humidity. Such conditions provide the perfect amount of moisture build up in our basements, bathrooms, attics, wall spaces, and other stagnant areas and mold moves right on in! Molds can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Hence, why you have mold.

Why Choose Professional Mold Services?
There are over 1,000 different types of indoor mold that grows here in the United States. A certified mold professional has the education and expertise to test your mold to ensure proper treatment and to also locate the source fueling your mold. Once the mold has been identified and the source located, a certified mold professional will create a comprehensive mold remediation plan designed to treat your entire mold situation, not just what can be seen by the naked eye. They will then remove your mold safely, without contaminating any other areas of your property.

Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today
If you have had a mold discovery on your property or have concerns about preventing mold growth, contact a certified mold professional today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Free estimates may be requested online or by dialing 866-681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you! We can help you in Lemont, so give us a call!