As kids we were afraid of the monster in the basement and now as adults we fear a new beast…the sight of an ugly woolly colony of mold hiding in our basement or lurking in our bathroom! Basement mold problems can happen anywhere, in new or old construction homes in Lemont, IL. Yes, “mold” has become the 4-letter word to be afraid of and the mere sight of it can send a shrill up the bravest spine. Nightmares of health problems and visions of bleach bottles clutter our minds. But now is not the time to panic dear friends, as mold has finally met its match! Guardian Mold Prevent has a safe, non-toxic remediation plan to tackle your mold for good, guaranteed!

Why Do I Have Mold?
The big woolly ugly we know of as mold is a fungus with over at least 100,000 species and in all reality, we are exposed to some kind of mold every day. Mold grows on virtually any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present. This means that here in Indiana and Illinois, our lengthy damps seasons and high levels of humidity that welcome moisture build up in stagnant places, such as our basements, bathrooms, attics, and wall spaces, also welcome the growth of mold. The even scarier reality is that often by the time mold reveals itself, it has been growing in hidden places for months or even years.

How Do I Treat My Mold?
Although the first vision that pops in your brain is most likely a dual to the death between a gallon of bleach and the nasty of mold, the reality is that most DIY methods of mold removal and prevention are limited in their ability and can be toxic for you themselves. The response needed is the attention of a certified mold specialist, such as those here at Guardian Mold Prevent.

A certified mold professional serving Lemont is properly equipped for the mold battle, armed with the experience to locate the mold source and the know-how test for mold identification. The professional will also construct a comprehensive remediation plan that will address the entire mold problem, not just the areas that can be seen by the naked eye. Once the plan is in place, a professional can extract the mold safely and without the risk of contaminating any other area of your property.

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If ugly mold is terrorizing your basement or taunting you in the bathroom, tackle it today with a certified mold professional from Guardian Mold Prevent. We look forward to the opportunity to kick your mold to the curb for good, guaranteed!