So it’s time to once again dig out old Frosty from the attic and set him proudly upon his perch on the roof, but a green wooly growth stops you in action. Seems Frosty was put away a little damp after last year’s holiday season and has grown himself quite the garden of magical nastiness in your attic. Not quite the project you want to tackle just weeks before Santa arrives, but don’t let your holiday cheer melt away friend! Simply give a shout out the mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent today and we will wrap up your mold before you Santa’s sleigh arrives!

Why Call in Professionals?
It might seem easy enough to wipe away Frosty’s garden of moldy nastiness growing in your attic, but the reality is that when visual mold is present, hidden mold you cannot see is often present as well. Hidden mold, left unaddressed enjoys re-infesting the same adjacent areas. That means that you can scrub away, but if you don’t get the hidden mold as well, chances are, Frosty will have a whole new garden of mold next year.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the training and experience to seek out hidden mold and also to identify the type of mold you are dealing with. A professional can conduct mold testing and structure a complete remediation plan to address your mold problem in its entirety, not just what can be seen with the naked eye.

Contact an Attic Mold Professional Today
For more information on mold removal, or if you simply have questions about mold that has made an appearance in your home this holiday season, give us a call at Guardian Mold Prevent today. Simply dial 866-681-6653 to receive expert advice and affordable mold solutions.