There’s nothing worse than being excited about putting in a new shower in your master bath only to find a thick layer of nasty black mold hiding behind the one you are taking out – with all the remodeling going on to older homes in Barrington, we’re seeing this more and more. So what’s a homeowner to do you ask? Certainly not leave the mold there to continue to grow, that’s for sure! This is where the experts at Guardian Mold Prevent swoop in and save your master bath project!

Why Call in the Professionals?
As tempting as it might be to tackle the beast of mold in your bathroom with a bucket of bleach or the home improvement store’s latest DIY craze for mold, the reality is that these products are limited in their ability and can be toxic for you as well. You are also only attempting to clean up a problem area rather than finding its source, which will have the mold making a triumphant return before you know it. Instead, a certified mold professional is armed with the training to know just how to treat your mold and the experience to seek out what is fueling it as well.

A certified mold professional will start by asking questions about the mold area and other areas of your home in Barrington. A thorough mold inspection will take place and much like a detective solving a crime; the professional will take the clues he has collected to find the source of your mold crime. Once the source is located, mold samples will be taken to identify just what kind of mold it is that needs to be treated.

A certified mold professional will then present you with a mold remediation plan specifically designed for your unique mold situation. Most importantly, the remediation plan will include a safe mold removal scenario for your property as to protect the mold from spreading to other areas.

Call Us!
The battle with mold isn’t one to be taken lightly. Protect your property and return it to its healthiest with the assistance of the certified mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent. Offering organized and efficient teams of professionals loaded with expert advice, experience, and affordable solutions, Guardian Mold Prevent is happy to be at your service in Barrington, IL.