It’s that time of the year when you make the trek into the basement to trade out the boxes of summer clothes for winter. It seems time consuming, but with a house full of growing kids, it’s a nice way to save a few bucks on clothes. This year though, something down in the clothes corner seems a little off. There’s that odd smell of must…a few boxes are removed and there it sits, mold. Yuck! What do you do? Simply dial (866) 681-6653 and call in the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent today!

Why Do I Have Attic Mold?
Mold has the unique ability to be found almost anywhere, on any organic substance. Its two main contributors are moisture and oxygen, the same two components that come in high abundance here in the Indiana and Illinois areas. Long, damp seasons and high humidity levels almost invite mold to grow in any stagnant area, from garages to basements, and around plumbing fixtures and sump closets.

How Do I Treat My Attic Mold?
Mold is indeed an unwanted houseguest, and should be treated so. Although the gut reaction is to reach for bleach, such toxic chemicals aren’t healthy for those in your home, and they most often only grant you a temporary solution. To ensure that your mold guest is kicked out for good, it’s best to call in a certified mold professional. Armed with the knowledge of locating mold sources and identifying mold types, a professional can provide you with a certified mold remediation plan that tells your nasty guest “hasta la vista” for good, guaranteed!

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