There’s nothing more important than providing a healthy living environment for

your precious family. That is why homeowners panic at the sight of mold growth in

the family home, as those nasty spores can indeed be a risk to their family’s health.

Protect your family by having your mold situation treated by a certified mold

professional, such as those available at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Professional Mold Services?

The discovery of mold in the family home often leads homeowners straight to the

local hardware store for the latest DIY mold treatments or a good old gallon of

bleach. Although such products promise results, they are limited in scope, often

toxic themselves, and they typically only offer temporary results.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the training to address your mold

situation in its entirety. From locating the origin of your mold to conducting mold-

testing services and mold type verification, a certified mold professional seeks to

solve your mold problems completely and not just what can be seen by the naked

eye. All findings are reported back to you in a written report, complete with a

comprehensive individualized mold remediation plan and our professional

recommendations to avoid mold in the future. Our professionals are also trained to

remove your mold without contaminating other areas of your property.

Why Does My Home Have Mold?

Here in Illinois and Indiana we are blessed with long damp seasons and high

humidity. Such conditions can cause moisture build up in stagnant areas like

basements, attics, under sinks, and within walls. Mold can hide in such areas,

concealed for months or even years before a visual infestation occurs. This again is

why opting for treatment as provided by a certified mold professional is so very


Contact a Professional Today

If you are concerned about mold growth in your family home, or even just worried

over a moldy odor lingering about, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. We

are happy to provide you with a free estimate and return your home to its healthiest

living conditions for your family.