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Cold Winters Lead To Attic Moisture & Mold

The Chicago winter is in full force and Guardian has been busy inspecting attic spaces all over the area.  The cold temperatures in the midwest always leave a lot of homeowners wondering how their attic has ended up wet.  There are a whole lot of reasons that you can end up with moisture in your attic.  Extended periods of damp conditions in an attic almost always end up leading to attic mold problems.  To understand they “whys” of having a wet or frosty attic, you first need to understand the basic science behind how your attic is meant to work.


The Basic Function of Attic Ventilation & Attic Insulation

Your attic is meant to be conditioned by the outdoor environment year round.  This is especially important during the winter months.  The idea is that you need to keep the air temperature in your attic relatively similar to the temperature of the ice cold roofing members that make up your roof.  When the air temperature differential becomes too great with the surface temperature of the wood, you reach dew point.  Once condensation develops mold growth can begin to grow shortly there after.

The very basic description of how your attic is meant to function:  Your insulation barrier on your upper most ceiling is what keeps the house conditioned air (warm air) out of the attic space.  Your overhangs (soffits) have vents that allow for cold air to make its way up into the attic.  This cold air  should drive the warm air up and out of upper ventilation in your roof (whether it be a ridge vent or mushroom vents).  There are obviously many other factors that can play into this (can lights, whole house fans, vaulted ceilings, etc).  The best thing to do if your are having condensation/frost issues in your attic is to contact a professional that specializes in that area.

Once such local contractor that offers services for everything related to the attic space is The Attic Experts.  You can check them out on the web at HERE.  You can also call them directly at 630.941.3800.  They offer free estimates and can help you get an understanding of what may be going on in your home.


How To Get Rid of Attic Mold

Guardian Mold Prevent specializes in attic mold remediation.  If you are in need of attic mold removal services, we can help.  Our quick and effective process will leave your attic looking nearly brand new. Our streamlined process allows for us to do our work at an exceptional price.  Guardian will eliminate the existing mold, remove the associated staining (leaving the wood looking almost brand new), and apply our antimicrobial coating that resists future mold growth.