The last of the holiday decorations that are taunting you in the hallway are finally going up to the attic. A quick pull down of the stairs and an awkward smell drifts down. Your brain automatically thinks musty, but after a few seconds your nose communicates the scent of mold. A hop up the stairs and quick glance around reveals nothing to the naked eye. What to do? It’s time to call in the experts from Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Do I Have Attic Mold?
Attic mold is an all too common issue for us here in the Chicago suburb areas. Long damp seasons and high levels humidity allow moisture to build up in stagnant areas such as our attics. Moisture and humidity, together with the availability of any organic substance, creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. There are however, other common causes of attic mold, such as the following:

• Improperly installed or missing insulation
• Inadequate attic and/or roof ventilation
• Dryer vents discharging into the attic
• Kitchen or bathroom vents exhausting into the attic
• Leaking roof
• Inadequate sealing around the whole house fan
• Ice damming in the winter due to clogged gutters

Who to Contact About My Attic Mold?

If you have discovered mold growing in your attic, or been hit with the gnarly mold odor up there, don’t panic friend! Instead give us a call today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our experts are equipped with specialized training to not only locate the source of your mold, but to eradicate it from your attic in a safe fashion as not to contaminate any other areas of your home. Call today to for a free quick quote by dialing (866) 681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. We have a location near Lombard in the suburbs.