Moldblack mold removal willowbrook il basement

Here is another one of our basement mold removal jobs – this time in Willowbrook, IL. You will recall that we did another job in Willowbrook recently, that was an attic. This one is a basement. There was a lot of black mold in this basement due to flooding. You can see in this video as Dan walks through, we did a complete and thorough job removing the mold and getting this basement back in shape.

if you need basement mold removal in Willowbrook or surrounding areas, please give us a call!
Although we are exposed to at least one of the thousands of species of the fungi “mold” every day, the discovery of mold in our home or place of business can spark panic indeed. Most molds are non-toxic, however, the allergy related health risks and possibility of breathing in toxins have property owners grabbing for the bleach or frantically searching for the latest do-it-yourself treatment to get rid of the nastiness. What property owners don’t realize is that breathing in bleach or harsh chemicals for their DIY methods is actually quite toxic as well. So, how is a home or business owner to safely return their property to a mold-free environment? Simply contact the certified mold professionals from Guardian Mold Prevent!

Why Professional Mold Services?
Although eliminating mold and mold spores outdoors is impossible, it is possible to effectively control indoor mold. A certified mold professional is equipped with the expertise to locate your mold source and identify your specific type of mold. Armed with such knowledge, our professionals can then create an individualized mold remediation plan to effectively address your unique mold situation. Our trained professionals also have the know-how to safely remove your mold without contaminating other areas of your property.

Why Do I Have Mold in my Willowbrook home?
Mold can be found almost anywhere, growing on virtually an organic substance where both moisture and oxygen are present. Here in Illinois and Indiana areas, mold is prevalent due to our long damp seasons and high humidity. Moisture builds up in our basements, attics, bathrooms, and even within our walls. Any stagnant area with moisture and humidity is open to mold growth. The reality is also that by the time you actually see the mold, hidden mold has already been growing. Left unaddressed, hidden mold will re-infest the same adjacent areas. This is why you hand over your mold situation to a certified mold professional, because you want your mold problems solved, completely!

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If mold has already shown its ugly self on your property or you have concerns about hidden mold brewing, contact a certified mold professional here at Guardian Mold Prevent today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!