Did you know that one of the most common causes of attic mold is ice damming? Here in the Illinois and Indiana areas we certainly get our fair share of snow and ice, but if the water that comes with them doesn’t drain off your roof properly, it just freezes right back up and begins to back up into your attic. A handy attic mold prevention tip is to take a peak at your gutters this year as you’re hanging your holiday lights. Check for debris, damage, and leaks, as well as that all the pipes are aligned properly. A rule of thumb with your gutter downspouts is to also make sure that they are sending drained water at least 10 feet away from your home’s foundation. Curious about what other causes of attic mold might be lurking in the shadows this holiday season? Here are a few to keep in mind when asking “what causes mold in my home? “:

A Leak in the Roof.
A leaky roof allows for water accumulation in your attic, which then begins creating the perfect environment for mold. Molds can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present. If you have a leak trickling into your roof get it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.
Vents Exhausting into the Attic.
Dryer vents, kitchen or bathroom fan vents, and even plumbing vents can be installed to discharge into your attic. These vents release hot air and moisture into the attic, hence trapping it there to begin a lovely colony of nasty mold.
Poor Attic Ventilation.
Although it might seem like a good idea to seal up your attic as the cool weather approaches, the reality is that you actually need to keep your attic as cool as possible during the colder temperatures. In home activities such as cooking and bathing produce moisture, which makes its way to the attic. If the moisture cannot escape, it builds up. This, my friend, is where your mold colony moves on in! If you are concerned about venting into your attic, first make sure that your soffit vents are free of debris, and then consider bringing in a home inspector to take a peak at your attic

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