attic mold and ventilation problemsIt has been our experience that most homeowners like to try the DIY (do it yourself) methods of home repair.  Attic ventilation is certainly not an area I would recommend venturing into trying on your own.  There are hard calculations that need to be followed in determining the right amount of ventilation that needs to be installed in both the upper and lower portions of the roof.  If one or the other are even off a little bit you can certainly find yourself with an airflow problem that in many cases leads to condensation and/or mold issues.  You should also consider carefully what types of vents offer the most unrestricted airflow.  Many times we have found that homeowners who have had one type of vent who switch to others available vents on the market end up causing more harm than good, all because they decided the exteriors aesthetic appearance was a greater priority than the actual functionality of the vent itself.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, however addressing these issues will most certainly be beneficial.  If you suspect that you have a mold issue I highly recommend calling a professional to rectify the problems. We service customers in all the Chicago suburbs, from Glen Ellyn, Oak Brook and Wheaton, down to Orland and Tinley Park. Give us a call today!