Did you know that you are exposed to mold on a daily basis? Yep! So why do we get so freaked out when we come across a nice chunky slate of green mold growing in the attic if we are around it so seemingly often? Because friend, mold in your home can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality and your personal health. If you have come across mold in your home or have mold concerns, be certain to call a certified mold professional right away, such as those available now at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Have Professional Mold Services?

It might seem easy enough to just wipe down mold you can see with the naked eye with a bucket of bleach and then call it a day. But friend, what you see with the naked eye is all too often a window of what’s growing behind it and around it. Mold loves to hide, and hidden mold left behind will simply re-infest adjacent areas, creating a bigger problem for you. Not to mention that the bleach products you are using to “clean” up the mold are toxic for you to begin with. Yuck!

A certified mold professional is equipped with the training to first locate the source of your mold, that is, to find what is fueling it like a fire. Once the source is located a professional will then take samples of your mold to determine the best course of mold removal action. The final step is to put into place a comprehensive mold remediation plan designed for your unique mold situation. This plan will include a safe removal strategy as well as recommendations for mold prevention in the future.


Contact a Professional Today

For more information on safely removing mold or for a free estimate on your mold situation, call us today at Guardian Mold Prevent by dialing 866-681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to keep your home healthy and mold free!