Summer is almost here and you find yourself digging through the back of the garage for those July 4th yard decorations, only to discover a nasty green haze making itself at home across the back wall. A bit of detective work leads you to the conclusion that last year’s inflatable pool was put away wet and has invited nasty mold to move in, everywhere. The nagging question begins, how bad is it? Save yourself the stress this summer and call in the experts from Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Choose Professional Mold Treatment From Guardian Mold Prevent?
In this situation, it might seem simple enough to toss the blowup pool and wipe down the wall with a bit of bleach or DIY bargain junk. The trick is though that DIY products and bleach are not only limited in scope, but can be toxic to you themselves. Such products also only wipe off the mold you can see, and leave other mold hiding in the wings to re-infest the same area you just scrubbed “clean”.

Summer Mold Problems

A certified mold professional is equipped with the knowledge to locate all the areas in which mold can hide its nasty self. They are also trained to safely collect samples of your individual mold via air, bulk, and surface, to identify just what type of mold you have. Such identification ensures proper mold treatment and assists in creating just the right mold remediation plan to fit your needs.

Say Farewell to Your Mold
If you are looking to bid your mold “bon voyage” for the summer, and for all of your summers to come, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our certified mold professionals await the opportunity to give you the mold free summers you deserve, guaranteed!