Your St Charles home – So the ugliness of mold has made its way to your property! You have found it hiding, lurking, and waiting to be discovered. Panic has begun to set in as you worry, how do you treat the mold? Grab some bleach and scrub it away? What if it returns? So many questions! Relax! Take a deep breath and simply contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Let our certified mold professionals tackle your mold, completely!

Why Do I Have Mold?
Molds are a type of fungi that can grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Here in Northwest Indiana and Illinois, our weather often creates a perfect environment for molds to grow in stagnant areas of our homes. Our long damp seasons and high levels of humidity almost roll out the welcome mat for moisture to make itself at home in our basements, bathrooms, attics, and wall spaces. The scary part is that mold can grow for quite some time in hidden spaces before revealing itself to our naked eye, thus the reason to be certain that your mold is removed, completely.

Why Call a Professional?
To fully assess your mold situation, it is best to hire a certified mold professional who is equipped with the knowledge and training to tackle your entire mold problem. A professional is armed with the experience to know just how to locate the source of your mold situation and the knowledge to test your mold for identification and treatment. A professional then craft a personalized and comprehensive remediation plan that will address your mold situation in its entirety, including mold you can and cannot see. This will allow your mold situation to be rectified completely and your mold to be removed safely, without contaminating any other areas of your property. A gallon of bleach or popular DYI method will not offer you the same results or guarantee.

Contact Guardian Mold Prevent Today – We’re In St Charles Every Week
If you have discovered the ugliness of mold hiding on your property or have concerns about mold growth, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our certified mold professionals welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate or to provide you with residential or commercial mold remediation services. Contact us today!