Moldattic mold removal new lennox il

This older home in New Lennox had mold in the attic that stopped the home from being sold. In this video, we show you the “before and after” of this attic mold removal job. You can see that we were able to make drastic changes here and allow this home to pass inspection.

If you notice mold problems in your attic, we have crews on the road everyday to help. We also have 10% off available.

Here is some more information about mold in attics, and how Guardian Mold can help:
Did you know that you are exposed to mold on a regular basis? Molds are found almost everywhere from wood to paper, carpet to insulation, and even foods. Although most molds in general are non-toxic, it is indeed alarming to home and business owners alike to discover mold on their property. However, there is no need to panic, the certified mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent are ready to solve your mold problems completely! Guaranteed!

Why Do I Have Mold in my attic?
Molds have the ability to grow on virtually any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present. This means that here in New Lennox, our long damp seasons and high humidity often create the perfect conditions for mold growth in our bathrooms, basements, attics, walls, and other stagnant areas.

Why Call a Professional to help?
Although your first response might be to hit the local home improvement store for an industrial sized gallon of bleach or to search Google for the latest do-it-yourself mold remedy, all too often such treatments are limited in scope and require the use products that are toxic themselves. Bleach and other DIY methods also do not identify the type of mold you are dealing with or uncover the source that is fueling your mold, both very vital to solving your mold problem in its entirety.

A certified mold professional, such as those available here at Guardian Mold Prevent, has received specialized training in mold testing and identification. Our professionals know what to look for, how to unveil hidden mold, how to conduct mold testing, and will put together a personalized mold remediation plan to address your unique mold situation.

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For more information on treating your mold situation or concerns of mold you may not see, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Our certified mold specialists welcome the opportunity to restore your home or place of business to a healthy environment.