“Nobody can be as agreeable as an uninvited guest” is a quote by Lebanese poet Kahili Gibran, and although it is meant to speak of human guests, we here at Guardian Mold Prevent find it a fitting quote for the houseguest we know as mold.

Uninvited and quite agreeable, mold grows happily like a weed in our basements, attics, walls, and other stagnant spaces. The long damp seasons and high humidity here in Illinois and Indiana create the perfect environment for the pesky home invader and its arrival often leaves homeowners going to extremes to kick the wooly beasts out. From bleach to scrub, and every DIY mold removal scheme at the local home improvement store, nothing says farewell to your mold for gold like the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Certified Mold Testing for Oak Forest 

The certified mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent are equipped to first locate the source of your mold, searching common sites such as attics, basements, and plumbing areas of your home or property. They will then conduct a full inspection of all possible water intrusion and/or ventilation points. Putting out whatever is fueling your mold will ensure that your moldy guest is no longer so comfortable!

Once the source is located, our professionals will conduct full service mold testing to properly identify what type of mold has made itself at home in yours. Bulk tests, air samples, and surface lift testing will be performed, with results being read by an independent lab to avoid any conflict of interest. Your mold test results will arrive within 3 to 7 days, at which time our certified mold professional will provide you with a comprehensive mold remediation plan designed to boot out your unique, but moldy guest, guaranteed!