At Guardian Mold, we also perform quite a bit of mold testing for homeowners. Here is a mold problem in Itasca, IL. If you are interested in mold testing, please give us a call:

According to Merriam-Webster, “mold” is a superficial, often woolly growth, produced especially on damp or decaying organic matter or on living organisms by a fungus. It seems that property owners describe mold a bit more colorfully, using words such as nasty, gross, and impossible to deal with. This explanation typically comes with the sound of panic in their voice rather than the idea of superficial. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent, our certified mold professionals are educated in the dictionary’s definition of mold, but we also have a deep understanding for the property owner’s definition as well. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity to solve your mold problems completely, and guaranteed! Attic mold, like you see in the video above in Itasca, is something we deal with often.

Why Call a Professional for mold testing?

Although most molds are non-toxic, the discovery of mold in your home or place of business can be quite alarming. The first response is often to rush down to the local home improvement store and grab the latest DYI mold treatment, and although this might wipe away your mold troubles for a while, the products often used to do so can be toxic themselves, and they have a very limited spectrum of treatment. This means that your mold can soon return with a mighty vengeance friend! Hidden mold left untreated can re-infest treated areas and begin to cause health problems. It’s time to call in a professional out to your Itasca home!

A certified mold professional, such as those available here at Guardian Mold Prevent, are meticulously equipped with the expertise to test your mold to determine what type of mold you are dealing with and also to locate the cause of your mold. Once these have been identified, a professional will construct a comprehensive remediation plan tailored to treat your individual mold situation. A professional will then safely remove your mold without contaminating other areas of your property, something your DYI method simply cannot do.

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