Molds can be found almost anywhere, growing on virtually any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. These facts however, are not very encouraging to property owner trying to tackle the ugly woolly beast that has moved in. First there is trying to locate the source and then there’s determining what type of mold it is to get rid of it for good. For this seemingly daunting task, the mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent await the opportunity to serve you, providing certified mold inspection services and full service mold testing.

Here at Guardian Mold Prevent our professionals specialize in performing bulk, air sample, and surface lift mold testing. All samples and collected data are sent to a third party lab for independent analysis to avoid a conflict of interest. Lab results with their comprehensive findings arrive within 3 to 7 days dependent upon test type and numbers.

We are also pleased to provide certified mold inspection services as performed by our trained professionals. A detailed interview will be noted with property occupants regarding the mold issues. Our professionals will then inspect mold prevalent sources on the property such as attics, basements, and in and around plumbing fixtures, and cover possible water intrusion points and any possible ventilation issues.

Once the completed, Guardian will provide you with a detailed written report about what we found in your Countryside, IL home, complete with all remediation options available to you as well as a professional recommendation for long-term mold prevention. It is our goal here at Guardian to solve your mold problems, completely and guaranteed!