Mold testing

If you live in or around Lombard and need to confirm if you indeed to have a mold problem, please give us a call for a certified mold inspection and mold testing.

There is just something to be said about getting to the heart of a matter, getting to the core or cause of a problem or situation. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent, we firmly believe that getting to the heart of your mold matter will prevent further damage to your property and reduce the potential health risk of your inhabitants. To ensure we do just that, we are proud to offer certified mold inspection services and full service mold testing.

Our professionals begin getting to the core of your mold matter with a personal interview of property occupants for real time details regarding the mold situation. Once a history is constructed, a comprehensive mold inspection will take place, beginning with the quest for clues from the most common sources such as sump pump closets, basements, and attics, and wrapping up with an inspection of all possible water intrusion points.

Full service mold testing will then be completed via bulk, air sample, and surface lift testing. Mold tests are sent out to an independent laboratory for all analysis and have a turnaround time of approximately 3 to 7 days.

Once the inspection has been completed and the testing results have arrived, our professionals will provide you with a detailed written report, complete with all remediation options available as well as long-term mold prevention recommendations. Our certified mold inspection and full service mold testing will get to the heart of your mold matter so that we might solve your mold problems completely. Guaranteed!