Did you know that you are exposed to some kind of mold on a daily basis? That is kind of an uncomfortable thought seeing as mold has such a bad rap! The reality is however that most molds are not as toxic as folks seem to think. It is indeed still a big deal per say to be certain that mold found in your home or place of business is safely removed. Although your mold might not fit in the toxic category, it can be a health risk to those sensitive to molds. The certified mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent can properly identify your mold, and be certain to remove it as safely as possible.

Why Choose Professional Mold Remediation
It might seem to be an easy fix for any mold spotted on your property to be wiped away with a fist full of bleach or DIY method you discovered on Pinterest. However, often times the chemicals involved can be even more toxic than the mold you are attempting to treat. Not to mention the fact that such methods most often provide you with only temporary results, as they are not targeting the actual source of your mold. That’s right, your mold has a source!

A certified mold professional is equipped with the knowledge to locate your mold source, searching all areas of possible moisture, such as basements, garages, plumbing fixtures, and so on. Once the source is located, a professional is also equipped with the training to safely remove samples of your mold for identification. Such identification allows them to properly treat your individual type of mold.

After your source has been located and your mold identified, a certified mold professional will present you with a detailed, written report that includes all findings, as well as a carefully structured remediation plan created just for your mold. Also included will be professional recommendations for mold prevention in the future.

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