Oh the joys of bringing all the boxes of holiday cheer down from the attic! That is until you realize that a few too many boxes got pile up last year…something has broken somewhere and leaked through the cardboard. A bit of a search reveals that muggy smell of mold brewing under the bottom box, the box marked “snow globes”. Further investigation begins to turn your joy to fear as you realize that several snow globes have broken, leaked through the cardboard, and into the attic floor. The moisture has grown a nasty dark mold all along the floorboards. This is a job for the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent my friend!

Why Choose Professional Attic Mold Removal Services?
It’s a funny thing called pride that often gets in between a homeowner and his mold. The homeowner looks at that nasty growth and tells himself, “I can take that on and git-r-dun!” After going a few rounds of elbow grease and the latest DIY mold removal goodies, the mold looks to have been cleared out. “Victory”, cheers the homeowner. Funny thing is that victory can all too often be shore lived. Hidden mold left unaddressed has a filthy habit of moving right back in and re-infesting the adjacent areas, brewing defeat for the homeowner.

A certified attic mold professional is your greatest weapon in the battle of the mold this holiday season. Equipped with detailed tactics to kick your mold out for good, such as mold testing and identification, a professional has the ability to create a comprehensive remediation plan designed specifically for your mold situation. Tackling both the mold you can see and hidden mold trying to stick around for some holiday treats, a professional provides you with discreet remediation in a timely fashion, affordable mold solutions, expert advice, and will return your home to its healthiest.

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