It seems that the web today is full of ways to “hack” different things. Whether you are looking to DIY home hacks for tips and tricks of the house, lunchbox hacks to grant insight to better serve your kiddos, or even just clever little hacks to make your life a little easier, it’s all out there, floating around the Internet. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent, we thought we would jump on the bandwagon and bring you some non-toxic hacks to prevent mold in your home. Check out a few of our handy-dandy mold prevention “hacks”:

  1. Indoor plants are a fabulous way to increase the air quality inside your home or even in your office space, however, their moisture can also set off a colony of moldy nastiness before you know it. Steer clear by watering your indoor plants only until they are damp and be sure to remove any water left behind on drainage trays or saucers.
  2. The kitchen trashcan is often a mold invitation waiting to happen. Avoid mold growth by simply lining the can with a lightly crumbled piece of newspaper. The paper will then absorb any leaks and prevent mold from moving in. Mold moves in when moisture gets trapped, so create some breathing room in your home by moving furniture away from the walls. This increases airflow and gives moisture lock down the boot!
  3. Reuse your silica packets, you know, those little packets that arrive in your shoes that say, “DO NOT EAT”. Yep, those little things can indeed be your best friends when stored in an open container under sinks, closets, and anywhere else they can remove excess moisture. Just remember to keep them out of the reach of your children, as they aren’t safe for them.
  4. Run your bathroom exhaust fan while you shower and keep that baby going for an additional 20 minutes after to clear out any moisture left behind. Also, make sure that your fan vents to the outside and not to your wall or attic spaces. You don’t want your hot air settling in confined spaces and inviting mold you won’t know is there.

For more information on mold prevention or if you have mold concerns, contact Guardian Mold Prevent today by dialing 866.681.6653. Our certified mold professionals are happy to provide you with expert advice and affordable mold solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to keep your home at its healthiest.