So your kiddos are in the midst of tubby time when Junior squeezes a green nasty blob out of the cute rubber duck Aunt Sophie got him. Nasty right? And what is that green nasty blob you wonder? Why friend, that is mold! Left over water decided to hang out in Junior’s duck after bath time, despite being squeezed to drain, and invited a colony of its favorite moldy chumps to move right in. Gross! So, what is a safe way to keep Junior’s bath toys mold free and to restore tubby time to fun time? Here’s a couple of non-toxic and simple ways to clean those bath toys and keep them that way:

Mix together ½ cup white vinegar with a gallon of water. Let the toys soak for at least an hour, being sure to suck up water into each toy before soaking them. Then squeeze water out of each toy and wipe down the toys with a sponge. Let them air dry. If there is still mold left when you squeeze, repeat again.

Put dishwasher-safe plastic and rubber toys through the dishwasher. Be sure to check inside toys after by squeezing out water to check for leftover mold. Soft cloth bath toys can be tossed in the washer and dryer once a week to keep them clean and mold free.

After tubby time, place toys on a dry towel to air dry rather than in a confined bag or box.

When storing bath toys, choose a storage container that allows air to flow around the toys, such as a laundry basket or mesh bag. However, keep an eye on the toy container itself for mold and give it a nice vinegar and water bath once a week if possible.

To prevent water from getting inside bathtub toys all together, simply turn to your hot glue gun. Put a little hot glue inside the toy and then use the hot glue to clog the hole. This might bring sadness to those loving the squeeze toys to shoot water, but it might also save you from squeezing out yuck you don’t want inside the toy to begin with.

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