Mold testing

Did you know that Guardian Mold Prevent offers Mold Inspection Services? Yep, we do! If you are not sure if you have mold in your basement or attic, but are finding mold-like stains, give us a call for an inspection and estimate. We are in Villa Park, IL and surrounding areas every week conducting these very inspections.

So you have come across a nasty colony of green woollies on your property and your internal panic button has your heart racing faster than a NASCAR engine! It’s mold! Yuck! Good news is that most molds really are non-toxic, but it’s got to go so it doesn’t become a health concern or cause any kind of structural damage. Even better news is that this is where the certified mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent get to swoop in and save your day! (and maybe your home too!)

Why Do I Have Mold?
The reality is that molds are everywhere as they can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Here in Northwest Indiana and Illinois we have long damp seasons and high levels of humidity. These weather conditions all too often create the perfect environment for moisture to build up in our basements, bathrooms, attics, and even in our wall spaces, thus allowing mold to move right on in without our blessing. Mold begins to grow in hidden places and eventually reveals itself to the naked eye.

Why Call the Professionals?
The first sight of mold sends typically property owners right down to the home improvement store for a gallon of bleach or today’s most popular DYI products promising mold removal. Although such methods might be able to clean away the mold you see, the results are all to often temporary as products such as these are limited in their treatment scope and don’t identify the cause of the mold. The source of the mold continues to feed growth and hidden mold then re-infests adjacent areas. It’s time for a professional!

A certified mold professional is equipped with the experience to locate the source of your mold situation (during a mold inspection) and has the ability to test your mold to identify for proper treatment. A professional will then create a comprehensive mold remediation plan that addresses your unique mold situation and will remove your mold safely, and without contaminating any other area of your property.

Contact a Professional Today for an mold inspection in Villa Park.
If you have concerns about mold growth on your property or are in search of a certified mold professional dedicated to solving your mold problems completely, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. Offering free estimates and both residential and commercial remediation services, our professionals welcome the opportunity to serve you.