There is nothing worse than taking wet clothes to the washer after an awesome day of sledding in Evergreen Park and being greeted at the basement door with the gnarly smell of moldy must. Ugh. A pull of the light doesn’t help reveal the culprit area, but the smell speaks loud enough. Time to call in the experts at Guardian Mold Prevent friend!

Why Do I Have Basement Mold in my Evergreen Park Home?
Although each home is different and with that each basement is diverse as well, generally speaking basements are often colder and darker than the rest of the house. However, high humidity is also a typical factor of any basement as well. When you put together the high humidity with the cold basement temperatures, you end up with plenty of condensation. Now you have all the requirements for a mold colony to move on in and claim your comfy basement as their home. Moisture, humidity, oxygen, and any type of organic substance, and you have a mold feeding frenzy.

Another common cause of basement mold is moisture brought out by a leaky or dripping pipe. This can be from pipes actually in the basement, leading to the basement, or nearby rooms that lead to the basement. Water loves to find a way into the basement through cracks in the walls of adjacent rooms as well. Once the water arrives in the basement, any objects or building materials made from organic substance become susceptible to mold growth. This is also the case with another common cause of basement mold growth, basement flooding.

Who to Contact if I Have Basement Mold?

If you have discovered mold growing I your basement or simply have been met with that smell of mold growth, its best to have your basement inspected by a certified mold expert, such as those available at Guardian Mold Prevent. An expert can provide you with locating the source of your mold, diagnosing your mold, and treating your mold in the safest manner as not to contaminate other areas of your home.

We have a location not far from Evergreen Park that can service your needs very quickly… Contact a professional today by dialing (866) 681-6653. We look forward to returning your home to its healthiest. You can also get a quick quote for your attic mold problem on our form here.