You are enjoying a nice hot shower after a long day when you notice that the paint

above the shower looks a little flakey. After a quick inspection you realize that under

that peeling paint is a thick layer of green mold. Your brain begins to compute the

reality that you may have just inhaled a multitude of mold spores, courtesy of your

once enjoyable steamy shower! Yep, insert panic here! But friend, there is no need

to panic! A simple call to Guardian Mold Prevent is the first step to returning your

shower, and your home, to its once enjoyable and healthy condition.

Why Do I Have Mold?

To be completely fair, there are molds everywhere, as mold is a crucial player in the

natural process of recycling dead plant and animal life. Now, there’s certainly not

any dead plant or animal life in your shower, but mold can grow on virtually any

organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present. Since both of these

agents are in your bathroom, and your shower is home to an accumulation of

moisture, mold has made itself at home.

Get a Specialist to Kick Your Mold to the Curb

For many home and property owners, the first response to mold discovery is to grab

a gallon of bleach and start scrubbing. Although this might seem to rectify the

situation at first, mold will return with a lovely vengeance if not treated properly.

So, what’s a hot shower loving human to do? Call in a certified mold specialist, such

as those available now at Guardian Mold Prevent.

A certified mold specialist will begin investigating your mold situation by first doing

a visual assessment and then interviewing property occupants to collect real time

data. Doing so will allow the specialist to gain a full understanding of the mold and

its origins. A full mold inspection will be completed, including areas of common

concern such as basements, attics, and garages. Other areas of interest are

investigated as well, such as water intrusion points and/or ventilation issues.

Once the cause of your mold situation has been determined our specialist will then

conduct a variety of bulk, air sample, and surface lift tests. Collected data is sent to a

third party lab for all analysis and results typically arrive within 3 to 7 days. Once

the results are in our specialist will present you with a complete mold remediation

plan, written and uniquely designed to treat your mold situation. Also included in

the plan will be our long-term mold prevention recommendations.

Contact a Mold Specialist Today!

For more information on how to be rid of your mold for good, contact a certified

mold specialist today by dialing (866) 681-6653. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent we

look forward to the opportunity to return your home to a mold free space,