No More White Coatings To Cover Attic Mold Stains

One of the most common areas to discover mold in a midwestern home is in the attic space.  The Chicago climate can be extreme.  In the winter time, when the temps get low, it is very common to get condensation in the attic space.  There are many reasons for this, but it is basically due to a temperature differential between the air temperature in the attic and the surface temperature of the roof’s framing members.  It is extremely important to have a QUALIFIED ventilation/insulation contractor evaluate the space to determine what the root cause issues are.

Now that the temps outside have begun to rise, we are taking multiple attic mold calls a day.  Guardian is Chicagoland’s premier mold remediation contractor. Guardian not only performs mold remediation in attic spaces, we make it totally disappear!!  Following our GMP Antimicrobial process we perform a 2 step mold removal process that is second to none.

Understanding the Process

Guardian first sets up negative air pressure and places an air scrubber in the home ensuring that we do not negatively affect the air quality in home.  Next we apply our mold stain remover.  The stain remover is a proprietary blend of ingredients that works towards completely removing the mold staining from the wood.  Guardian then applies Shockwave, a product engineered to aid in the removal or cleaning of fungal growth.  The applications of these 2 products makes up the first step of the remedial process.

Once the staining has been removed and the mold has been eliminated Guardian then applies our GMP antimicrobial coating.  This coating is a green building product that has no VOC’s or off gassing.  The GMP Antimicrobial coating provides a barrier of defense that comes with a 10 year warranty against future mold growth on the applied coating surface.  The product utilizes nanotechnology to physically alter the surface of the wood.  It was developed by Dow Corning and Emory University and is used in a variety of medical and consumer goods world wide.

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