So you have discovered an unwanted guest hiding in your place of business, the

green wooly monster we call mold. Time is of the essence as you seek to protect

your occupant’s health and your place of business. Panic not friend! The team of

certified commercial mold removal experts at Guardian Mold Prevent is here to

serve you! Here is a walk through of a basement in Hickory Hills:

Why Professional Commercial Remediation Services?

Although the guy at the local hardware store in Hickory Hills might have some grand DIY ideas

about how to rid your moldy guest, treating the mold in your place of business isn’t

something you want to leave to untrained individuals. The health and safety of your

occupants may be at risk, as might be your reputation as a business owner. A team

of certified mold inspectors and remediation professionals bring with them the

knowledge and expertise to both identify and address your mold issues in a timely


Why Guardian Mold Prevent?

Our team of professional mold experts here at Guardian Mold Prevent is equipped

with a 12 step, commercially specific, process to provide a comprehensive

inspection of your facility and execute a thorough mold remediation plan – and we are in Hickory Hills every week. To ensure

that our professional mitigation solutions are targeted and effective for your specific

mold treatment, samples of your mold will be sent to an independent, third party

lab for precise mold identification. A constructed remediation plan will then be

created uniquely for your mold situation and include both the complete elimination

of your current mold as well as providing for you professional prevention

recommendations to avoid future mold issues.

The professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent are also aware that your business is

important to you and must go on as usual. Therefore, we schedule our work and do

all that we can in terms of minimizing disruptions to your place of business.

Contact Us Today

For more information on the mold remediation services offered by our team of

certified commercial mold removal experts here at Guardian Mold Prevent, contact

us today by dialing (866) 681-6653). We look forward to the opportunity to serve