All winter you have been dreaming of listing your home and moving into something a little different, but your dreams seem squished by the discovery of mold in your basement. Instead of joy, it feels like a nightmare of scrubbing and hunting for the moldy source. Take back your dream in an instant with a call to a certified mold professional at Guardian Mold Prevent! Let our professionals solve your mold in a safe and speedy fashion.

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Why Choose Guardian Mold Prevent?
Tackling a mold infestation on your own can be a time sucking and money siphoning experience. First there is the eternal hunting for the source, and then there are the joys of trying different mold removal methods. When selling your home, there is then the re-inspection process. Ugh! As if these aren’t reasons enough to reach out for a professional, then take a gander at what knowledge such a person possesses.

A certified mold professional is equipped with the know-how to chase down the cause of your mold like a detective hunts for a suspect. From interviewing property occupants to build a solid mold history to thoroughly combing through popular mold sources such as sump pump closets, attics, garages, and basements, and covering all water intrusion points and ventilation areas, a professional is experienced in sifting through the details to locate the moldy truths.

After the source of your mold is located, a professional has the training to test your mold to ensure that proper treatment is executed so it doesn’t return. A certified mold professional will then provide you with a detailed, written report that describes all of your remediation options as well as long-term prevention options. But, most importantly, your mold situation will be put safely to rest so that you can live out the dream of listing your home, mold free!

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