There’s just something nasty about the discovery of mold in your home or place of business in Glendale Heights. The reality is though, that here in the Indiana and Illinois areas, mold issues are prevalent due to our long damp seasons and high humidity. Such conditions create happy places for mold to grow, which in turn creates unhappiness for home and business owners alike. Although to many the ideal solution to a mold problem is to grab a gallon of bleach and start scrubbing, the reality is that your mold will return, causing you unhappiness yet again. So what is a property owner to do you ask? Simply call in a certified mold professional, such as those available at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Choose Professional Mold Services?

Besides the fact that unaddressed mold, whether seen or unseen by the naked eye, can and will return with a vengeance, opting for the services of a certified mold professional can ensure that your mold problem is solved completely, and guaranteed. Such a professional is equipped with the training to first locate the source of you mold problem. This is vital in solving your mold problem completely. Leaving the source unfound leaves you with a promise that your mold will return.

Once the source of you mold is identified, a professional will conduct mold testing via bulk, air sample, and surface lift testing. The collected samples are sent to an independent laboratory to prevent a conflict of interest. The comprehensive lab results arrive within 3 to 7 days, dependent upon the number of tests.

Once the thorough inspection is complete, the mold source located, and the test results evaluated, a certified mold professional will provide you with a written detailed report. Such a report will include all findings, an individualized remediation plan for your property, and our professional long-term mold prevention recommendations.

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