Mold is one of those four-lettered-words that gives birth to feelings of sheer panic to practically any and every business owner. The mere thought of mold begins sending horrible thoughts of sick patrons and the nastiness of cleaning the mold up! Ah! More thoughts of closing the business while you clean, and of losing money while you do so! It can truly feel like too much indeed! If you have discovered mold in your business, take a deep breath my friend, and contact the professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent. We’ve got this!

Why Do I Have Mold?
The reality is that mold can grow virtually on any organic substance as long as its partners in crime are there, those being moisture and oxygen. Mold can grow on carpet, wood, food, insulation, and so on. The long damp seasons and high humidity here in our Indiana and Illinois areas almost invite mold to grow in any stagnant area that moisture and oxygen hang out, such as in our basements and bathrooms.

How Do I Treat My Mold?
Mold is truly an unwanted guest that needs physical assistance to move out. Scrubbing it with bleach or other DIY products can suggest to the mold that it should move out, but it won’t kick out the mold permanently, and such products are often toxic to you as well. Opt instead for the experience and safety of a certified mold professional, such as those at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Here at Guardian Mold Prevent our professionals follow a commercially specific 12 step process to thoroughly inspect your facility. We can quickly identify the source of your mold and execute a complete mold remediation plan that includes the safe removal of existing mold and prevention measures to avoid future mold. Our work will also be scheduled to minimize the disruption to your business.

Contact Guardian Mold Today
If you have discovered that four-letter-word known as mold in your business, contact a certified mold professional today by dialing 866-681-6653. Let Guardian Mold Prevent take the panic out of mold and return your business to its healthier self!